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New York City Counseling & Psychotherapy Services

new york city counseling psychotherapy servicesI offer a wide range of psychotherapy and counseling services to older adolescents through older adults at my office in the Union Square/East Village area of New York City. The links below will take you to more information about different areas of my psychotherapy practice. Please read through and if you’re wondering if my services are appropriate for you, call or send me an email and I’ll be happy to address your concerns.

Psychotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is a small footprint on the mind. If untreated, it becomes a rut that traps all other thoughts.”

Living in New York City can be stressful or wonderful. And much of how you experience it depends on how you see the world and yourself—how you think about and deal with the people and situations in your life.

Psychotherapy for Depression  in New York City

“Depression steals the good feelings from your day-to-day life—and from your memories. You don’t have the energy and optimism to plan a better future.”

Do you feel like you’re just getting through your day? Only to wake up and do the same thing tomorrow? If depression is keeping you from fully enjoying your life, I can help.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling
A child 
needs to be loved. An adult wants to love. Treatment helps you love more maturely.”

From the moment you pop into the world, you want connection. It’s an emotional and biological necessity.

Dealing with Low Self-esteem
Self-esteem is learning to feel good from the inside out, not by comparing yourself to others. I’ll help you learn to feel better!”

Many people come to New York City with dreams of finding fame and fortune. You can feel good about yourself—whether or not those dreams come true—if your self-worth is based on the things that matter.

Careers in New York City
Hard work won’t guarantee the results you want, but it will improve your chances and you can feel good about yourself, regardless of the results.”

People say to follow your bliss, but first jobs—and later ones—aren’t always so blissful. I’ll help you deal with that discrepancy and plan next steps.

New Parents
Parenting is uncharted territory for everyone. In psychotherapy, I’ll guide you through with compassion, humor, and skill.

How do you cope with the sleep deprivation that comes with parenting? How do you balance your baby’s needs, your spouse’s needs, and your own? What’s spoiling your child and what’s considering your child? What about sleep training?

Substance Abuse Treatment in New York City
If you deal with the behavior without confronting the underlying issues, you’re just switching chairs on a sinking ship. What does the behavior mean?”

Do you know why you’re using substances? Are you looking for good feelings about yourself, trying to drown your pain, trying to avoid dealing with certain people or situations in your life? Psychotherapy can help.

Individual Counseling
Maybe you look great on paper—but you’re not enjoying your life. Are you feeling satisfied in love, work, and play?

Why aren’t you feeling as good as you “should”? Why don’t your insides match your outsides? I can help you! This is something we’ll explore together through therapy and this can make a big difference in your enjoyment of your life.

Group Therapy
Group is a wonderful ‘lab’ for learning to relate. Group therapy is a powerful way to get helpful feedback in a safe environment.”

Forget whatever you’ve heard about group psychotherapy and people shouting each other down. Not in the groups I run! I create a safe, warm, supportive psychotherapy environment where you learn to let down your guard and be direct.