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Job and Career Support  in New York City

job, work-life and career support in new york cityHard work won’t guarantee the results you want, but it will improve your chances and you can feel good about yourself, regardless of the results.

Work is where you probably spend the majority of your time, whether you’re in that rare 9-to-5 job, working from home on weekends and holidays, or chained to a desk 24/7. In treatment I address work-life balance and help you separate what you do from who you are, so if you’re downsized or you later retire from your career, your self-esteem doesn’t take a beating.

Is Your Career in Transition?

If there’s a change in your worklife or career, it can affect the other areas of your life—positively or negatively! Maybe you’re making that transition to your first job after college. People tell you to follow your bliss, but first jobs aren’t always so blissful. I’ll help you deal with that discrepancy and plan your next career steps.

Maybe you’ve spent years climbing the corporate ladder and now want to start your own business—because that’s been your longterm goal, or because you’ve been downsized—and are ready to bet on your resourcefulness to take care of yourself. I’ll help you look at what your motivation is and whether you’ve built a network to make your own business feasible. Is it realistic or a pipedream?

Or you’ve been freelancing forever and want the security of a staff position. I’ll help you look at how you approach interviews—how to deal with the person or committee you’re meeting with so that you’re relating to them, instead of making the meeting a test of your magnificence.

Maybe you’re looking at scaling back from a fulltime job that’s high on the corporate ladder because you want to start a family. I’ll help you think about applying your skills in new ways, so that when the time comes, you’ve done your planning and can approach your company or another company about a scaled-down use of your skillset, or you can freelance using your skills in a new way. I’ll help you think through your options.

Advance Your Career with Clear Communication

Relationships are important in your worklife, too. You’re dealing with bosses, colleagues, supervisors, and clients. If the relationships in your early life were difficult, you may be having difficulty in these adult work relationships, too. Treatment can be very helpful in helping you set limits, communicate clearly, and deal with your own and other people’s anger and/or disappointment.

And what’s the point of all that hard work, if you don’t know how to have fun along the way, or you can’t let yourself relax when you’re done? If you’re having trouble with fun, read here.

Call or e-mail today—I would be happy to support you in dealing with issues around your job, work-life balance and career.