Developing a Sense of Fun

Psychotherapy in NYC: Developing a Sense of Fun

psychotherapy supporting a sense of fun in new york cityFun is an attitude, as well as an activity.
Your capacity for fun was shaped by your early experiences.

It really is important to be able to laugh. One gauge of mental health is satisfaction in love, work, and play. And let’s face it, a good laugh feels wonderful! If your parents were deadly serious and stressed achievement at all costs, you may have trouble lightening up, accessing your capacity for humor, and finding the joy in everyday life. You may be like a mother I know who feels burdened by “having” to go to Central Park with her son, or the person who can’t laugh at himself.

Pathologically Serious? Recover Your Fun Side!

A self-diagnosis of pathological seriousness—no, that’s not a clinical term!—is probably not the reason you’re considering treatment, but if you work on your issues, you’ll find you’re enjoying the humor in the world. Yes, even in this economy! That’s not to say that you don’t take anything seriously, but that you can let yourself laugh at the truly funny things that we all experience as humans. And you will find more enjoyment in your everyday activities, so that bowling with your child, taking the dog for a walk, or going to the gym is fun—not a burden. Spending time with your partner is something you look forward to, rather than something you have to do to get her or him off your case.

The Ability to Have Fun is a Sign of Mental Health

When you deal with your problems, there’s a lot more room for the good things in life—again, it’s an attitude, not a collection of material things. And, yes, though we deal with some hard things that don’t always feel good, sometimes you’ll even laugh in your sessions. Not the defensive laughter that masks pain, but really deep belly laughs. I’ll help you go as deep as you need to in dealing with your issues, and help you learn to lighten up, too. Because the point is to enjoy what’s working and deal with what’s not and to try to generate more of the enjoyable experiences in your life—and the sense of fun to appreciate them!

Give me a call or send an email, and we’ll get started on developing a sense of fun.