Individual Counseling in NYC

Individual Counseling in NYC

counseling in new york cityMaybe you look great on paper—but you’re not enjoying your life.
Are you feeling satisfied in love, work and play?

What if you can’t identify a specific problem you need treatment for, but you feel a vague dissatisfaction with your life? Why aren’t you feeling as good as you “should”? Why don’t your insides match your outsides?

Maybe you thought you’d be happy when you reached a certain level of professional success, or when you found the person you wanted to spend your life with, or when you became a parent, or when you had the time and money to take up something you’d always been interested in. Now you’ve achieved those “markers,” but you’re still not feeling happy. You don’t feel joyful, and you don’t know why. You may even feel a bit of a let-down at the very point you thought you’d be feeling great. What’s wrong?

I can help you! This is something we’ll explore together through counseling and this can make a big difference in your enjoyment of your life.

Benefit from Counseling—Even if You Aren’t in Crisis

In fact, you don’t have to be in crisis or have a major mental health diagnosis to benefit from counseling. Life’s too short to live it stuck in first gear, and it can feel painfully long, if you’re not fully enjoying it! Many people look at therapy as an ongoing part of their wellness program, like eating well, exercising, getting massage, chiropractic care, and regular check-ups. Talking things over in counseling and defusing tensions before they escalate can help you feel more calm and confident as you go through your daily challenges. I’ll help you develop good habits of mind and to think about overwhelming situations in more manageable chunks, so you can see and explore your options with a sense of clarity. Your everyday life will begin to run more smoothly. And you’ll find a resilience and a new appreciation of your life and the people around you.

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