New Parents

Parenting Support for New Parents in NYC

parenting support for new parents in new york cityParenting is uncharted territory for everyone. In counseling, I’ll guide you through with compassion, humor, and skill.

  • How do I cope with sleep deprivation?
  • How do I balance my baby’s needs, my spouse’s needs, and my needs?
  • My partner has changed dramatically. Where’s the person I fell in love with?
  • Will I ever have a sex life again?
  • I love my baby, but I can’t stop crying. What’s wrong?
  • Do I accommodate myself to my baby, or does my baby accommodate him/herself to my life?
  • When do we put the baby on a schedule?
  • What about sleep training?
  • How do I raise my baby so s/he will be happy?
  • How long should we wait before we have another baby?
  • Where’s the owner’s manual?!

These are some of the questions you may have as you deal with being a new parent. It can be wonderful or overwhelming, or wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. You’ll find that everyone from your family and friends to perfect strangers will offer conflicting advice—without being asked!

Dealing with Parenting Conflicts

Maybe you and your partner have very different ideas about parenting. Tensions can be heightened when you’re doing something new, you’re more exhausted than you’ve ever been, and you’re both trying to do your best for this brand-new little person. Now throw in differences of opinion on everything from scheduling to sex, and there’s a recipe for stress.

Discover Your Parenting Style

It can be a tremendous relief to come by yourself, with your baby, with your partner and your baby—whatever combination works!—and talk with a trained professional and experienced parent about your concerns. We’ll look at how your experiences with your families shaped your ideas about parenting and partnership, so you can make your relationship stronger and closer. I can help you think through parenting decisions and develop your parenting style. You’ll learn how to be there for your baby in ways that will feel good to you as parents and help your baby develop good self-esteem from the beginning.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, give me a call or send me an email. Compassionate parenting help is here.