“Nurse Jackie” and the Behavioral Approach

Season Five of Showtime Channel’s darkly comic “Nurse Jackie” proves my contention that “if you deal with the behavior without confronting the underlying issues, you’re just switching chairs on a sinking ship.” I was referring to substance abuse in the … Continue reading

10 Date Night Ideas For Exhausted Parents

Read my article about creative date night ideas for parents on Your Tango, an online women’s magazine, and feel free to leave a comment there. … Continue reading

Sustainable Relationships

A friend sent me a link to an interesting article by Tara Parker-Pope in the New York Times (read here) in response to my previous relationship post, “Is This the Right Person for Me?”. It discusses the premise that couples who have exposed each other to new experiences, thereby growing in ways that they would not have on their own, feel greater happiness and satisfaction in the relationship.

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